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The steady strong breaze combined with a long break provides an awesome kite surfing experience for all skill levels.
The wind season begins in May and doesn't let up until the end of December. The variety of coastline provides great opportunities for down wind runs, wave riding, and free ride fun. We are a step away from a good launch spot, and you can always walk down to the point for some wave riding. Our experienced staff will hook you up with some of the best spots to kite in Peru. Kites Mancora provide lessons for beginners, clinics for intermediates, and local kite tours for all.
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Surfing the waves since 3000 BC, local fisherman can still be seen catching waves on their reed surf boards.
With some of the best and longest waves in the world, the north coast attracts surfers from all around the world. The swells are North Westerly, and are biggest from December thru May. The summer months provide plenty of fun too. If you're a beginner, enjoy the gentle break off Mancora point. Looking for a challenge? Try out some of the tubes at Los Organos, Cabo Blanco or Lobitos. Spend a week and surf a different spot each day. Our staff can hook you up with all your surfing needs. From lessons to coastal surf tours, Kites Mancora strives to bring you to the best of Peruvian surfing.
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From the expansive inland desert, to the lush northern river delta and breath taking ocean views ...
the natural beauty of Peru reveals itself to you at every turn. Located in the transition zone between the humid equatorial tropics and arid southern dessert, Mancora is the perfect starting point for an outdoor adventure. Take a horse back ride down a dry river bed. Boat up the Tumbes river delta looking for caymens and exotic birds. Take a whale watching tour, or watch migrating whales breach a few hundred meters from the shore. Try your hand at spear fishing, or catch a Marlin on a local sport fishing boat. Leave it to the Kites Mancora staff to arrange the perfect outdoor adventure for you.
We don't recommend it, but you can pretty much party from Monday thru Sunday, and still have time to surf every day.
Enjoy your evening with us at the Kites Restaurant and Bar, or enjoy a night out on the town. Mancora overflows with great restaurants, bars, clubs and parties. Meet fellow traveller's from all over the world, share stories and enjoy the festive Peruvian nightlife. Best of all, when you get tired of all the comotion, just walk back to the tranquility of your Kites Mancora bed. We're just a short walk away.